Best Franchises 2022

Best Franchises 2022

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What will be the best franchises 2022? With restrictions (at the time of writing) easing off substantially the UK will feel very different! Certainly the events sector and casual dining arena will be a lot happier! But if you’re considering which franchises will be the best ones to own in 2022 then this round up should be of interest. We’ve done all the hard work for you and listed them as our recommended franchises right here for you.

Property Improvement Franchises

ColourHaus – This amazing business reduces the cost of a new kitchen using specialist paints that are sprayed onto UPVC or kitchen doors or furniture either in situ or at a workshop. We’ve always loved our properties and the public can do it cheaper and with less hassle. See this video for a summary of follow this link to read more about them.

Snag Dr Franchise – As the name suggests, snagging new and old houses is what this van based business sis all about. Through 2021 the franchise network grew quickly with new franchisees popping up all over the country. Fixing minor damage and surface blemishes keeps everyone busy. Never mind about the best franchises of 2021, this is already one of the best franchises 2022! If you are looking for a hands on franchise this could be the perfect business for you. Here’s the link to follow:

Steel Beam Lifter – A patented machine that solves an expensive problem for building contractors. The Hooka machine is a miniature crane and telescopic grabber which can position very heavy steel beams into buildings with great accuracy. The Hooka machine also has a remote controlled flat bed caterpillar trolly to move substantial items around building sites and the entire thing sits on a trailer easily puled by a Land Rover! If you love gadgets and an out and about franchise this is the one for you!

Pay Later Carpets – Does what it says on the tin, a brilliant offer the homeowner which gives them brand new carpets now which they pay for in simple regular payments. The Pay Later Carpets franchise network was launched in 2021 and has been an immediate success with a number of franchisees joining within the first few months of launch. Exclusive areas a re going fast – check availability here:

Plantation Shutters – A lovely direct to consumer franchise supplying beautiful shutters direct to homeowners. A brand new franchise that’s sure to be popular this year! Further information here.

Home Services franchises

The Fine Cleaning Company – A well established company that joined the franchise community in 2021. They provide an elegant and sophisticated franchise proposition suitable for many investors.

KingsMaid Cleaning – A well established company with HQ in Lancashire. They have a powerful business model for consumers and business based around a repeat business strategy managing teams of cleaners.

Prestige Oven Cleaning – Taking care of the job that everyone loves to hate. Oven cleaning is a regular repeat business that is a proven money maker for owner operators in any part of the UK

Caring Franchises

Full Circle Funerals – A disrupter brand that has totally revolutionised funeral care. With 6 outlets open or planned to be open soon this is an amazing business that will suit an entrepreneurial person who has a genuine desire to help others during their time of need. This company deserves it’s place as one of the best franchises 2022. Find out more here.

Percurra – This lovely business looks after those who need non medical in home care. If you re good with people and can manage others then this personally and financially rewarding business ticks all the boxes.

Wolf Healthcare Recruitment – An agency franchise model recruiting carers for care organisations! Follow this link for details.

Technology based Franchises

Kleo Digital – 

Gadget Refuge – We’ve all dropped our mobile phones and broken them haven’t we? Well, our bad habit of clumsy encounters now doesn’t need to be quite so expensive. Gadget Refuge are the mobile fixers you wished you knew about when you last broke your gadget! They’ll come and visit your place of work or home and fix it there and then! What a winner! Find out more here: 

Pets & Hobbies

Red Herring Games has exploded as a result of the pandemic. The company runs physical team building murder mystery events where franchisees manage a team of actors in venues like hotels. Once the pandemic hit demand for their virtual events sky rocketed! All manner of businesses hire them to engage with remote workers and to build team rapport. As a result the company now has a thriving online and on-site business which is easy for any franchisee to either take part in or manage others to do.

Poochie Care – Because pets deserve one to one attention. Poochee Pet Care Franchise Website.

The Cuddle Club – Everyone loves dogs, they put. smile on your face! Now you can turn our natural affection for them into a business.The Cuddle Club provides hundreds of people with dog therapy as a valuable emotional outlet. As a result people from all walks of life benefitting from the therapeutic benefits of dogs. Check out this amazing franchise here.

Retail Supply

Simply Ice Cream – Retail supply is a wonderful business format where customers place repeat orders every week or month. Ice cream is a solid business sector throughout the year with some spikes obviously in the water weather.

Food & Beverage Based Franchises

Wok & Go – Quick service restaurants have thrived throughout the pandemic and Wok & Go are no exception. Their format is a blend of asian cuisine that is a hit everywhere it opens. Cooke din full view Wok & Go is a tasty alternative to todays fast food culture.

Crepe Delicious – Is passionate about providing its customers with fresh and nutritious meals on the go. By using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Crepe Delicious crepes can be filled with a plethora of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses and healthy low fat meats served in a healthy way. Each restaurant can serve breakfast, brand, lunch or an evening meal.

Rassams Creamery – The UK’s largest dessert restaurant franchise set in opulent surroundings which create a true destination for young and old. There is nothing like a Rassams desert franchise!

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