Taking the decision is the hardest step!

Are you going to franchise or not?

The hardest part of deciding whether or not to buy a franchise is actually making the decision itself! All franchisors know this, they too have been in your position when they first launched the business that they are now franchising. It’s what sets the entrepreneurs from those that shy away, decision making is everything. To […]

Is it the best franchise or not?

best franchises in the UK

Some people honestly! Over what is now several decades in the franchise industry I keep coming across the same scenarios. I’ve had an interesting week this week trawling through a load of leads given to me by a franchisor to assess. Firstly, my colleague Marie dives in and filters out those who are interested but […]

Franchise Reviews

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone who had in-depth knowledge of the franchise industry, maybe someone who had already carried out their own franchise reviews and could steer you away from the unscrupulous operators that are in the franchise industry? Well, a great place to start is to look at those franchises that we independently […]

10 things we know about franchise exhibitions?

They come round thick and fast and can be a useful exercise but there are a few key things that matter to the would be franchise owner that are important factors. Here’s 10 things we know that you should keep in mind: A Franchisors attendance at a show is no guarantee of a good franchise […]

Be aware of your conduct when researching the best franchise for you

Franchise Consultants

At fairly regular intervals I come across the same mistake being made by potential franchisees. Having spent over 25 years recruiting franchisees for brands that I have other owned, part owned or been tasked to manage on behalf of others I speak with some authority on this matter, so if you are a potential franchisee bear […]