Certified Franchising Professionals

Certified Franchising Professional (CFP)

The CFP program demonstrates genuine expertise in UK franchising. It is a formal exam that franchising professionals can take to prove their knowledge and experience in UK franchising. As a result CFP accreditation is only achieved by those who can genuinely prove they have attained a certain level.

The qualification is for all franchising professionals whether they are franchisors, franchisees, suppliers or advisors. Furthermore those with multi brand experience or multi year experience may attain higher tiers of qualification that demonstrate their pedigree.

The qualification is achieved by working through a number of specific modules and there are four levels of accreditation denoted by different colours and stars. 

White badge

Training for the qualification.


Yellow badge


1 star


Green badge

3 years or 3 franchises relevant experience. 

Qualified 2 stars


Black badge

5 years or 5 franchises relevant experience.

Qualified 3 stars


Gold badge

10 years or 10 franchises relevant experience and nominated. 


Certified Franchising Professional Qualification

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