Cleaning franchise

Cleaning Franchises hold a lot of opportunity in the UK. Cleaning companies in the UK make a significant £25 billion contribution to the economy (Source: TidyChoice).

Over 700,000 cleaning professionals are busy around the UK. This shows a golden and viable opportunity for you to get started with your own cleaning franchise. The contract cleaning market alone is worth over £3 billion. This booming, low-overhead business format could be a great way for you to get underway with a very promising franchise opportunity.

The big opportunity of a cleaning franchise

Between 2012 and 2017, the demand for cleaning companies rose by 25%. Today it remains a thriving industry serving a real, genuine need that is increasingly more in demand. People as a whole are allocating less time towards cleaning than they were a decade ago. This is where the ever improving opportunity can be highlighted. There still is no better time to join such an in-demand industry.

Reasons for such growth in the cleaning industry

People are working harder than ever before, us included, and allocating less time towards things such as cleaning and even shopping / transport. Big brands are catering to this need, with such on-demand service becoming ever-present (Amazon / Netflix) and seamless experiences that make life easier (Uber). Cleaning businesses also fit right into this space by allowing people to automate the maintenance of clean and tidy homes, offices and apartments. You can be one of the ambitious professionals out there who is capitalising on this rapidly growing trend of on demand service through your very own cleaning franchise.

Cleaning Franchise Opportunity
Kitchen with cleaning service