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art-K Franchise Business Opportunity

After school art club

art-K is a art education service that teaches art skills to children aged 6 to 18 in term-time classes, after school and on the weekends. These classes follow a proprietary structured programme (the art-K manuals) which is tailored to each child’s development, allowing children to go at their own pace. Clubs are voluntarily Registered with Ofsted which allows payments for the classes to be made by Tax-Free childcare vouchers, increasing access to the classes. During school holidays art-K provides art workshops.


art-K teaches children artistic skills including drawing, painting and 3D modelling. art-K believes that children need foundational artistic skills and techniques, from which they will grow in confidence and abilities.

Our manual contains the projects for all children aged 6 to 18 which reflects the different dexterity and cognitive ability in the different age groups. Each class has mixed age ranges, which means any age can join any session. This means no student is working on the same project at the same time, creating a non-competitive environment. The student has no deadline to complete a project within a certain time; the art teacher can encourage them to take some time experimenting with a technique without any time pressure.

Throughout the programme, art-K includes a wide variety of different artists, from masters to modernists, to inspire new ideas. Over time, students end up bringing more and more creativity and style to their projects as their confidence increases in their skills.


As classes grow, you will have art assistants helping to keep the teacher/child ratio at a maximum of 1 to 7 students. Art-K Franchisees actively communicate to the parents the detailed care and attention they give to their students, which is one of the primary reasons why students stay at a club for around 4 years. This is both rewarding the Franchisees – building long-term connections – as well as providing a growing income from the students’ fees

Being in an educational space, like other children’s activities, the students’ fees are paid termly in advance; this creates a recurring revenue business model. It guarantees a place on a weekly basis for the students, and provides certainty for the Franchisee to plan for resources to deliver the classes. Each student is prepared for individually for each session, because every student is on their own individualised programme.

Maintaining high quality

Franchisees buy high quality art materials from our ‘where to buy’ procurement lists. The majority of our supplies come from Jackson’s Art, who create art-K branded products for us. Every art-K product bought through Jackson’s are discounted for franchisees, up to 65%.

Location & studio

art-K clubs are typically established in retail units or highly accessible offices or studios. As art-K uses a wide range of art materials and every student has a sketchbook, it means it isn’t feasible to go into temporary spaces. The studios are therefore set up to use the space efficiently and conveniently for delivering art lessons; art-K will provide you with the information you need to make the use of your studio space.

In the space, we use lighting that refracts the light to ensure the colour of the artwork is realistic. Art-K also has recently installed heating/cooling systems which are highly energy efficient, as well as improving the comfort of the environment in which you – and your students – work.


Working as an art-K Franchise means there is no fixed minimum monthly payment; instead there is a percentage fee on sales. This means that your success is our success- which aligns our interests in supporting the growth of your branch.


art-K is an activity that gives our Franchisees an exciting purpose in life and a motivation like never before. From our side, when a new Franchisee starts growing, we get excited seeing the output of more and more children enjoying the art-K projects, all in their own unique way. Our programme is a way for our Franchisees to share their passion for the development of art in children.

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