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art-K Franchise Business Opportunity

After school art club

Do you find the thought of teaching art to children enjoyable and fun?

With a very well-established business of nearly 50 clubs in the UK, including 11 franchises, art-K is the leading OFSTED-regulated after-school art club with over 5000 children a week attending our clubs.

To build on our success, we want to speak to people who are passionate about what art can do for children and adults while accessing a reliable competitive income through franchising the art-K art-skills programme.

On top of the 49 clubs already established, we are growing our franchised business across the UK with branches already from Truro to Leeds. If you’re looking for a successful business model involved with art teaching, then we can provide the structure and business approach that will provide you a secure and growing income.

What makes art-K different?

We are not a ‘leave them to play’ kind of business, we are serious about the enjoyment art can bring to our students, their parents, and to our franchisees. We believe that helping children build a foundation of skills is key part of what we do. Art-K is not just about art, it is also about building confidence and other life skills.

art-K is a unique service, in a large and well-established market where there is a need for more provision, and parents won’t find this service anywhere else. For the owner of an art-K business who is dedicated to teaching children, this means there is a great opportunity.

art-K teaches children artistic skills including drawing, painting and 3D modelling. art-K believes that children need foundational artistic skills and techniques, from which they will grow in confidence and ability to express themselves creatively.

This is also a very professional and profitable business; we create a great recurring income business and apart from anything else our professional approach includes, advance payment, accepting payment by child care vouchers and all necessary child safe-guarding policies, H&S and insurances, great sessions and high quality materials providing the context within which parents feel secure and students can thrive; all is ready for you to provide your dedicated art workshop and your personality.

What will I get?

We help with everything from location to recommending potential funding sources, from suppliers to session plans. Our manual contains the projects for children aged 6 to 18, reflecting the different dexterity and cognitive ability in the different age groups. Mixed age range classes means any age can join any session, so no student is working on the same project at the same time, creating a non-competitive environment. With none of those horrible deadlines the art teacher can encourage and help experimentation.

We also use a wide variety of different artists to inspire new ideas, from masters to modernists, and this forges more creativity and confidence as the students’ skills increase.

Having recently welcomed 4 new art-K franchisees, the franchises simply follow the model developed by art-K in creating and supporting its own directly owned network of 38 clubs. Together the network is teaching in total over 5000 students a week employing over 100 part-time and full-time at leaders, and over 300 art assistants. Your club will be on our website club locator page, which enjoys around 1500 visits a day. Your club will be run and supported while you are setting it up, based on our well-tuned formula, even running the same booking software provided by art-K within the cost of the franchise fees.

So what next?

As a great recurring revenue business, we know that running an art-K franchise is a way to help the right people to really help students, but it also creates the freedom for you to be creative, and financially successful. So if you have a passion for art and want to work with a well-established art educator, simply get in touch and we will send out some information and we can then have an exploratory conversation.


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