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Amazing champagne and Cheese experiential dining franchise.

Champagne and Fromage, what’s not to like?

This food and beverage franchise concept has taken the best bits of wine bar and bistro concepts, and innovated to appeal to a new market.

Champagne and Fromage .... great together ... anytime.

Champagne is not only for a celebration. The market is growing by 12% per year, and we are too.

We have been offering our unique Champagne and Cheese proposition since 2011. We were ahead of the changing market back then, but the beauty is that now we can lead the way as we have honed our brand over the years and the consumer has changed.

We are now expanding across the UK.

In essence we have taken the best parts of other F&B operations like bistros and wine bars, used our market knowledge, used familiar food categories in champagne and cheese, and have combined them to create a new joyous experience.

But the real beauty is in the simple business model that makes investing in this business a much lower investment than many food and beverage franchises, and much lower than you might imagine.

For people who want new and different food and wine experiences, Champagne and Fromage provides specialist limited production champagnes, artisan cheeses and an environment that completes the immersive experience that more customers want today.

For people with some food industry experience, this business franchise opportunity is the chance to work with a franchisor that has vast experience in the sector, a great supply chain of innovative and passionate cheese and champagne artisans, and marketing knowledge that can really turn the taps on.

Our team has a background in French food and wine, as well as consumer brand marketing so we can provide our entrepreneurial franchise partners with the support, supply, and partnership to grow a very high quality, highly profitable champagne and cheese business.

We specialise in bringing the authentic French culinary tradition to the UK, highlighting artisan cheeses and limited production specialist champagnes that are not be readily available elsewhere. Champagne+Fromage offers the best regional artisan cheeses combined with a premium selection of champagnes. Aligned to a Bistro experience, we combine shop and Bistro, allowing customers to not only purchase products, but also enjoy them on site in a cosy and inviting setting.

Let's keep it simple, we are looking for people who can help us launch new locations around the UK, ideally you will have experience in the hospitality sector, and you will have an entrepreneurial spirit. You will need some capital, but we have relationships with some funders who we can introduce you to. We provide all the things to make you, and us a success.

If you are just “interested” this might not be for you, but if this idea strikes at the heart of something more, let’s have a conversation.


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