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Pabasso – Peer Advisory Board franchise opportunity

Pabasso unlocks the power of collective business brilliance! Imagine a monthly board meeting where 12 diverse business leaders meet, each entitled to seek the wisdom of the group in solving their leadership challenges. This exclusive gathering fosters cross-industry collaboration, sparking innovative solutions and strategic insights. As the chair, you orchestrate this dynamic exchange, cultivating a priceless network of problem-solving minds. This isn’t just a meeting - it’s a transformative experience, creating a thriving environment of shared insight.

This could be your own Pabasso board, a commercially sound business in its own right, helping to facilitate economic growth in your geographical area.

There are many well documented reasons why business leaders place real value in peer advisory boards, here are few of the most popular:
• Because it can be lonely at the top
• To get external perspectives from other sectors To gain new insights and val
• date direction
• For a confidential sounding board
• For monthly mentoring/coaching
• To relieve the pressure of life as a leader
• To help them on their journey

We help leaders of established businesses typically with 10-250 employees, to progress through shared experience, expertise and effective support. We do this by bringing up to 12 business leaders – each on their own unique journey, together once a month for half a day.

That time is spent in a structured, confidential and supportive environment, aimed at personal and professional development and business improvement. The Pabasso board Chair also spends up to a couple of hours each month with each member in a 1-2-1 meeting for bespoke coaching/mentoring/signposting - and sometimes simply listening!

Members share their issues in the monthly group meetings, in a positive, confidential & collaborative environment. The highest priority issues are then selected for structured discussion and receive the collective intelligence, combined experience, expertise and strategic problem-solving abilities of the business leaders within the group.

What is a Peer Advisory Board?
Peer advisory boards are structured groups of like- minded business leaders who meet regularly under the guidance of an experienced and respected facilitator or ‘Chair’. The Chair establishes each Board, facilitates the structured meetings and provides personal 1-2-1 mentoring and follow up mentoring/coaching time with each board member every month.

Our mission is to make Peer Advisory Boards one of the Key Support Functions for Established Business Leaders in the UK.

Why Become a Pabasso Franchise Chair?
To use your experience and expertise to help business leaders in your region grow, whilst generating a rewarding income and creating a saleable business.

These are some of the reasons you may want to become a Pabasso chair:
• To become a ‘light touch’ equivalent to a Non-Executive Director (NED)
• To mentor, coach and support regional business leaders
• To share your expertise and experience with a group of like-minded business leaders
• To help these local business leaders progress
• To challenge yourself working with business leaders across many different sectors
• To create a part time circa 9 days a month, rewarding business with recurring income that becomes a saleable asset
• To enjoy a great work / life balance
• To ‘give a bit back’ - one of your board members will be a pro bono charity leader
• As a platform to complement any existing consultancy business
• Exclusive territory with a minimum of 6,000 target business units within the range of 10-250 employees

Why choose Pabasso?
Pabasso is a tried and tested UK business model for business leaders.
• It’s been developed as a franchise model
which means we can be confident that, following your onboarding & training, you will be able to achieve success.
• The Pabasso business model is strategically designed to foster strong client relationships by facilitating and chairing monthly peer advisory boards and providing personalised 1-2-1 monthly meetings. As a trusted advisor to your clients, you will have the opportunity to deliver ancillary services including coaching, consulting and supplementary project support as required.
• You have access to ongoing support from our head office. Our steadfast commitment is directed toward fostering the enduring prosperity of your franchise while upholding and enhancing the reputation of the Pabasso brand.
• Establish a scalable business that generates monthly recurring income and can be positioned for sale with the guidance and support of Pabasso.
• Pabasso’s business model is thoughtfully structured to minimise your ongoing expenses. Beyond the initial franchise purchase and setup costs, the day-to-day operational expenditures are notably low.
• You will be awarded your own exclusive and extensive Pabasso territory, local to you. Once you have established your first full board, there are opportunities to grow further boards if you wish.

Is Pabasso Franchise Ownership a Good Fit for You?
There is no specific background that defines a successful Peer Advisory Board Leader. Individuals from incredibly diverse professional backgrounds embrace and thrive in this role. A typical franchisee may have previously excelled as an executive, owned and exited their own business, or worked as a business coach.

Furthermore, Pabasso franchisees who already run a consulting business will find Pabasso a valuable complement to their existing services:
• peer advisory boards for growing business leaders
• Most successful franchisees tend to share certain qualities:
• Self-motivation
• Strong drive to succeed and help others
• Exceptional communication and presenting skills A genuine passion for assisting local business owners
• Dedication to personal and professional growth
• Determination to make good things happen, for themselves and others

If these qualities resonate with you, Pabasso franchise ownership might be the right opportunity for your entrepreneurial journey.


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