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Refresh & Renew Franchise

A non staffed mini kitchen showroom!

The Refresh & Renew Franchise is a UK first!

A non staffed "exit area" showroom that is installed in high footfall areas like garden centres. The mini showroom generates leads without staff being present freeing franchise owners from the usual commitments of retail premises. This franchise can be run as an owner operator franchise, a semi management model or even a hands off investor franchise run entirely by staff!

The showroom is unstaffed, leads come in from a simple effective lead generation process and when those leads are followed up the statistics provide a compelling commercial proposition for any potential franchise owner. For example, over 90% of enquiries arrange for a personal visit to discuss a new kitchen, around half of all enquiries place an order.  Whilst franchisees are dealing with clients the showroom carries on churning out leads. There are no utility bills, no staff costs, no lease commitments, no set hours - you just pop in every now and again to keep your mini showroom looking tidy, and to top up marketing literature etc.

Once a kitchen is ordered the franchisee arranges contractors to do the actual fitting, if you happen to be competent to do this yourself then of course you will make more profit.

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