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Snag Doctor Franchise

The Hard Surface Repair Specialists to Major House Builders in the UK

A Formidable New Franchise Opportunity

Started in 2017 by good friends Jon Lea and Chris Taylor, Snag Doctor soon became a thriving enterprise that has grown over the last three years to become an invaluable resource to major house builders in their area. It's a new breed of Surface Repair Franchises that is growing quickly through franchising.

This has been achieved by offering a service that gives their customers the two main business drivers they strive for – Cost Savings (Up to 90%) and Quicker Completion Times – often under an hour. Fantastic high quality repairs, with unrivalled on site productivity and a strong willingness to go the extra mile for their clients ensures continued and growing demand for their services.

Our National Client List

Working with some of the largest names in the UK Construction Industry, you will be part of a huge growing sector with house building being at the centre of all political agendas.

Profit margin is a key driver for all businesses and the service offered by Snag Doctor delivers significant savings without compromising the quality, look and feel of the product.

In addition the turnaround time is significantly reduced with multiple repairs achieved with just one operative in one day.

Surface Repair Franchises Can Receive 100% Government Funding

We are very pleased that you can use the Government backed start-up Loan Scheme to purchase your franchise, and that this scheme can not only help fund the purchase of your franchise but also with initial working capital.

The loan is unsecured, so there’s no need to put forward any assets or guarantors to support the application and all owners or partners in your franchise can apply.

We are in demand because of three important facts 1. We repair to a ‘Brand New’ standard 2. We save up to 80% in replacement costs and 3. We save up to 95% in time delays.


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