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The Cost Reduction Company

Savings through innovation

We work with businesses to reduce their costs whilst helping our clients become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint, through green smart technologies and consumption reduction programmes.

Our franchise has a strong earning potential but also helps to reduce our client’s impact on the environment.

Savings Through Innovation…

In its simplest form, we save organisations money through effective procurement, reducing consumption, embedding longer term, sustainable behavioural changes and though the use innovated green technologies.

British businesses are now starting recover after the global pandemic and forced closures, now more than ever they will be looking at costs and ways to cut them.

The Cost Reduction Company is well placed in this market and has the experience and industry leading suppliers to support business recovery at this critical time.

The Cost Reduction Company & Using Less

The Cost Reduction Company was started in 2009 by our founder, Nigel Ward.  After 4 years in the Army and 30 years of working for several businesses, predominantly in the Leisure industry developing now famous brands such as Pitcher and Piano bars, Nigel identified a niche market in analysing and reducing costs for such organisations.

As well as reducing costs, Nigel embraces opportunities to help clients to use less stuff, an aspiration widely discussed in society but rarely achieved in earnest without outside help.  He is so passionate about reducing costs and consumption he wrote a book about it called ‘Using Less Stuff’.

We have also developed an online Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme which shows schools ‘How’ to become more sustainable and not just why!  And we are currently developing the Behaviour Change Programme for Business too.

We think it really ticks all the boxes...

  • You will be working for yourself but not by yourself
  • Our excellent reputation, training, sales support, and marketing will help you win new clients
  • Demand for your services is extremely high
  • This is a scalable franchise that really allows you to develop a substantial, profitable business

We are looking for people who have a genuine interest in our business, a desire to be successful, and the ability to embrace challenges and to take on new opportunities.  Our business principals are based on trust and loyalty so developing client relationships is a must.

Our targeted training will very quickly enable you to become a cost reduction and sustainability leader.  You will be encouraged as part of the CRC team to combine your skills & expertise with that of our other franchisees and preferred suppliers to upsell to prospective clients.

Next Steps

Would you like to find out more about how you can help support British businesses recover from the global pandemic, save time and money whilst supporting them to become a more sustainable business?  Please complete the form below and we will send you through our Franchise Prospectus and we will then be available to answer and questions you might have about us and our business.


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