The Best Franchises in 2024

What exactly constitutes the best franchise in 2024 anyway? Well for some it is out and out profitability. For other potential franchise owners it is all about the work / life balance. For others it is matching their skillset to find the best franchise in 2024. So there are many factors, but where does one start to look?

What are the best franchises in 2024?

New franchises come and go, not all stay the course. So considering which are fads and which are long term is something you should definitely be doing!

Furthermore in 2024 as the economy worsens due to inflation and interest rates we expect to see a rise in second income franchises. These are brands that can be run in flexible hours by a partner, a husband or wife to support a main breadwinner. 

There are some safe bets that we see in the care sector particularly which has enduring demand regardless of the economy. As a result of pure demand caring for our elderly has created a huge range of businesses that meet this need.

As ever though, the best franchises are the ones that match your skillset and aspirations the best!

Finding the best franchises in 2024

A good starting place is this Franchise Life website, dedicated to available franchises from mature brands to emerging franchisors. Take a look at this page for the latest new franchises in various categories. You can browse them all in a simple easy to navigate directory. As a result your search for the best franchise this year should be a lot easier!

Free franchise magazine for you showing the best franchises in 2024

Each year we also produce a printed magazine which is also available as a download, you can get your free copy here. If you visit us at a franchise show we’ll happily give you the printed version. 

Remember the team at Franchise Life will help you without cost, it’s a 100% free service with no upsell! That’s a promise!

Which sectors will flourish in 2024?

Like most people you’ll do an internet search for “best franchises in 2024”. As a result about a million of more pages will appear!  But looking at the year as a whole we reckon a few sectors will stand out amongst the usual solid performers. Furthermore, our advice to you before we go on is to make sure that you are a good personal fit for the style of business you are considering. Assuming that your skillset matches what’s required you can then filter your choice down further.  Consider your income aspirations, work/life balance and of course the investment risk you are taking.

Mature franchises or new franchises?

It has been proven countless times that new franchises can often out perform the old guard. Designed for todays franchise economy, bang up to date. Furthermore the management team are as excited as you are about launching. As a new franchisee you are important. You certainly more important than the 57th franchisee. As a result you will often get a better deal, maybe a discounted fee. Occasionally a larger territory. Usually more management time to help you get established. 

New franchises come in all shapes and sizes but one thing remains true. If the Franchisor wants to grow the network they need the positive endorsement of the first group. That means they’ll go the extra mile for you. The Best franchises 2024 might just be the new ones as a result.

Feel free to use the search form below to find the best new franchises this year. If you’d like a franchise expert to help you for free then the number to call is 01274 662001!

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