Some people honestly! Over what is now several decades in the franchise industry I keep coming across the same scenarios. I’ve had an interesting week this week trawling through a load of leads given to me by a franchisor to assess. Firstly, my colleague Marie dives in and filters out those who are interested but have done nothing about progressing their interest, this happens with the best franchises in the UK. Those people then end up on my call list and I ring them up. Of course the first question that always springs to mind is why is it that some franchisees just sit on their interest and don’t progress? Do they actually really want this franchise or not? I am convinced that some people just like being chased by franchisors or their representatives, maybe it gives them a warm feeling of being needed. The problem is that anyone who is interested in buying a franchise in the UK needs to have a base line of small business skills, principally that means the ability to get their own show on the road without being tenderly nurtured every single step of the way by their franchisor and find out for themselves if this might be one of the best franchises in the UK for their own particular skill set.

The best franchises in the UK are proven models that work in the hands of those people who possess the right skill set to replicate the business in their own particular area, assuming the demographic of that area gives them the commercial opportunity of course! It is that skill set matched with the aptitude to make it happen that the management teams in best franchises in the UK look for. Many of my clients decline franchise applications, and this is just one of the reasons why.

So, in my case this week, we’re looking at a sales role, my client is looking for people who can go chasing potential business. So, when we speak with a candidate who says they’ve got the information but haven’t heard anything what does that tell us about their suitability to operate in a sales environment? Is that laid back attitude, sitting and waiting for the franchisor going to serve them well in this business? Does it give the franchisor a clue as to how well they will do with their brand? Yes, of course it does! If Mr sleepy carries on like that he’s doomed.

So, if you want it – go and get it. If that franchisor is offering the best franchise opportunity for you and you want your own business with their support then make some of the running. If you don’t I’ll tell you what will happen – the franchisor, or their representatives will sooner or later appoint someone else to the location that you could have had. Kick yourself or blame someone else by all means, but the unpalatable truth is that if you are to survive in your own business, be that a franchise or not, you need to unleash the tiger within you and make the running – go grab it, and in doing so you’ll secure the license and demonstrate that you are worthy of being granted the franchise.

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