Recruit your ideal Franchisees with our unique franchise marketing solution.

We have a directory website but we don’t need any SEO activity or Google ranking to outshine most franchise marketing. This is because our franchise leads do not come through online marketing. We engage with investors offline, physically talk to them about what they are looking for and then recommend the best franchises that match their skills, interests, location and budget. So you get better quality leads, a valuable 3rd party endorsement and total control on budget.

Our direct outreach to identify franchise buyers is a game changer in new lead generation.
Direct outreach means just that. We’re not a conventional directory relying on SEO to spray leads to multiple brands.
Our work is super focussed and you’ll only get leads from people pre qualified to be already looking in your sector and maybe already.

How our franchise marketing generates more enquiries for your franchise system.

With franchising backgrounds ourselves we got tired of patchy results and low quality leads from conventional franchise marketing. We found that many leads didn’t even respond to us replying to their enquiry! The reason they didn’t is because they weren’t pre qualified and that just wasted our time. So we did something about it.

We have created a new way to get franchise enquiries that have a genuine interest in your franchise.

If you become a Franchise Life client then the leads we send to you will have already been pre-qualified. By this we mean that if you are in the care sector like our client Rainbow Care Group we will only send leads to you that have confirmed on a real phone call that they are interested in buying a care based franchise and that they would like to receive your specific prospectus. That means that Franchise Life enquiries are the best leads in the franchise industry because we have had an actual conversation with them rather than relying on a nonchallant click without real intent or a confusing web page where enquiries inadvertently indicate they want leads from all similar brands. This has long been a problem for UK franchisors and that’s why we have created this specific target driven lead generation solution. 

Franchise Marketing Prices start at only £20 per lead on our annual plan. £200 per month and we guarantee “human” pre qualified leads. If you’d rather just trial us then opt for the simple plan and pay £30 per lead for a month where we’ll pull out all the stops to amaze you and then we can work together for longer and reward you with a rate that reflects that.

As very successful franchisors ourselves we can vouch for this strategy. It is labour intensive and expensive for us to deliver but affordable for you. 

So, let’s implement better quality franchise marketing for you, and get you a higher quality of franchise enquiry. 

So choose your plan – one month (£30 per lead), six months at £25 per lead with additional marketing or an annual plan that includes all the bells and whistles we’ve got and even a full page advert in our popular magazine that is given out at the UK’s franchise exhibitions.

Franchise Pay Per Lead Rates
Franchise Pay Per Lead Marketing
Franchise Pay Per Lead Marketing
Franchise Pay Per Lead Marketing