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There are so many options clients face when looking to write their Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Perhaps the most fundamental question for them to ask is “who is best to write my Will?”.

If you are considering a career in estate planning and Will writing, it’s important to know what concerns your clients might have when selecting who should write their Will.

The options for the client are vast:

  • Approach a Solicitor
  • Approach their bank
  • Write the Will online
  • DIY Will


  • Find a specialist in the field

Whatever the options are, there are some vital factors a client will think about. Making sure you tick all these boxes means you are likely to put the clients mind at ease.

Firstly, although this sector is not currently regulated, it is always best to speak to a professional who has an accreditation in the field. Not only does this mean you meet a certain standard, but it also shows your willingness to act in a regulated way voluntarily. As an Associate with APS Legal, you will get the training you need and put you through an exam administered by the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW). The IPW are the only organisation in the sector recognised by trading standards.

Secondly, the client will likely do some research into the company. For example, do you work alone or have the backing of a company? If so, how substantial is the company and how long have they been established for? What would happen to a client’s estate if the Will was deemed invalid? These are all key questions that, if not answered fully, would result in the client’s lack of confidence in writing their Will. APS Legal have been a limited company since 2005 and were wholly acquired by Simply Biz in 2014 meaning they have the backing of a larger firm. They are currently one of the largest estate planning firms in the UK.

Something for you to consider, as someone who will be meeting clients, is the insurance for your cases and how much this cover needs to be for. Once you have gone through our initial training and passed the IPW exam, they would be able to cover you under their PI insurance. This would also be a run-off cover.

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