We asked 10 questions to Martyn Ward about why it is that Cafe2U is the best Coffee Franchise currently available.

Q1: Explain how the business format works please Martyn?  We visit people in their place of work at the same time every day and provide them with the gourmet coffee and food service that they expect when they are in a town centre.  We are a reliable, premium service which allows them a break from work, a chat with friends or colleagues, and to return to work with a high quality product.  This gives our franchisees a flexible, reliable and fairly predictable way of working, with hours to suit themselves and their needs.

Q2: Why did Cafe2U choose to become a franchisor?  We saw the rapid growth of coffee and knew we had a fantastic opportunity to bring our service to all corners of the country because demand was so high.  We couldn’t have grown as quickly as we have without utilising the passion and skills of franchisees over company employed staff.

Q3: What made you personally want to be involved with the company? I am passionate about ethical franchising and passionate about great coffee! My research into the Cafe2U business was thorough and there were a few things that stood out for me. Firstly, our coffee franchise business model is extremely robust and the premium coffee market is booming! This coupled with industry leading training and support gave me huge confidence. However, the really exciting part for me was meeting existing franchisees and seeing first hand how delighted they have been with their investment.

Q4: When did you launch your first franchise? January 2006, following 18 months of research and piloting the service in Yorkshire.

Q5: How many franchisees do you currently have trading and how many are you looking for? We currently have around 90 franchisees operating across the country. The most important thing for us is to ensure that we continue to recruit a high calibre of franchisee into the network. We are looking for just 18 new franchisees in 2017. We hold a training school each month and limit the size of the class to two. This gives us positive growth in a controlled environment which means that we are able to provide exceptional support to each of our new franchisees.

Q6: What attributes do you look for in your franchisees? We are looking for self motivated individuals with developed interpersonal skills. We pride ourselves on our high standards, so attention to detail is essential. However, the most important attribute is the desire to be the very best in mobile coffee!

Q7: What do you think is the best bit about your business? An industry which is in huge growth mode selling a product which will never go out of demand, within a business model with high margins, low overheads and presenting an opportunity for “lifestyle” franchisees as much as people who want to develop 2-3 vans.

Q8: How much total capital does a franchisee need to launch a franchise and how is this funded? We have a number of finance options available for qualified candidates, which means that the initial (unencumbered) capital requirement can be as low as £20-£25K. We look for the most appropriate finance solution on a case-by-case basis.

Q9: How long does it take to train a new Franchisee? Cafe2U franchisees undertake a 4-week training and launch program, which involves our income guarantee scheme which guarantees them a certain daily sales level, from which they will then build their business further with the help and support of our very experienced team.

Q10: How long does it take before a franchisee is typically in profit? Our low overhead business model means that our franchisees can be enjoying a daily operating profit extremely quickly. Our 4-week launch training and launch ensures this. However, as in any business, this does rely upon the effort of the operator!

Thanks for sharing all that information about Cafe2U Martyn!

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