Finding great Franchise Staff

Franchise Staff and jobs is uniting great franchise professionals with great franchisors.

Franchising is not just about getting the right type of franchisee. It’s also very much concerned with having the right staff employed within the franchise company itself. Not just for selling franchises but also managing existing franchisees. Lime Licensing Group has launched which provides a unique recruitment service to the franchise sector. Franchise Staff does what it says on the tin – it matches franchise executives with franchisors.

Great franchisors have great franchise staff

With around 27 years of practical franchising and recruitment experience Franchise Staff provides a perfect service for both franchisors and franchise professionals. The team at FranchiseStaff create strong partnerships with leading franchisors ensuring that they match the right people to the right brand. It is a fact that great franchisors have great franchise staff. Much like a winning football team, most brands are only as good as their team.

Franchise Brands

FranchiseStaff will assist you in identifying exactly the staff you need. By taking the time to do this at the outset the company can help franchisors to take the business forward and of course maximise royalty by supporting the franchisee network. By proactively searching through FranchiseStaff’s extensive database alongside all the major UK job boards the company carries out a thorough selection process. The end result of our work is that it enables us to take the risk out of a franchisors recruitment. It is also a key point that recruiting is very time consuming and so when franchisors work with FranchiseStaff they save time allowing them to continue to focus on matters at hand within the business.

Franchise Executives & Staff

Our in depth knowledge of franchising allows us to work with you to ensure gain a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. We also carefully consider where your skill set is best employed and which brands might match your own ethos and income aspirations. By working with FranchiseStaff you are helping yourself to thrive and succeed in your next role. This is particularly true since many franchise vacancies are either hard to find or unadvertised.

Why Franchisors work with

Recruitment is costly if not done correctly. There are high stakes at risk within franchised businesses. Competition for the best franchisees is intense. Having the right franchise recruitment manager or director on your side can make the difference as to whether or not a great candidate buys your franchise rather than someone else’s.  With FranchiseStaff you have industry professionals on your side. We can influence the best people to join you rather than take a risk with an unknown franchisor who is promising the earth! We fully understand the challenges that different franchises face and have walked the walk and talked the talk in this market place..

Expert Knowledge that helps franchisors

We can identify and introduce the right candidates that are best suited to deal with your challenges. This also includes interim staff to fill in during times of maternity, illness or in fact any kind of absence. Having an unfilled role either for franchisee recruiters or support staff is very damaging for franchisors. We can help you by providing great people who are quickly up to speed and who can bring immediate value to your organisation on a temporary basis.