Interested in Franchising a business? Franchise consulting specialists Lime Licensing Group has seen huge uplift since Brexit announcement allowing it to plan and open three new franchise brands – and to franchise its own business!

Franchising a business specialist Andy Cheetham
Franchising a business? Speak to Andy Cheetham

Franchising a business specialist Lime Licensing Group is beating the Brexit blues with a business that has enjoyed 400% growth since the announcement of the UK’s intention to leave the EU.

Bradford based Lime Licensing Group helps entrepreneurs who are considering franchising a business. They design franchise systems that allow companies to expand by creating franchised branches around the UK and overseas – and business is so good, it’s even started to franchise itself, with executives starting Lime Licensing offshoots in other regions of the UK.

According to Andy Cheetham, managing director at Lime Licensing Group, the business has benefited from ‘unprecedented demand’ for its services since the Brexit vote as organisations big and small are keen to get on with expansion.
“Contrary to what a lot of the media is saying, our experience is that British businesses are going for it,” said Andy. “They’re not waiting, they’re not contracting or being cautious, they’re aggressively expanding and choosing to franchise as the format for that. Our company is flying. If this is Brexit, please give us more!”

Demand for its services from both SMEs and larger companies since the Brexit vote has seen Lime Licensing open a new office in Lincolnshire and plan for two further openings in other major conurbations.
“Maybe it’s a reaction, or a bit of a fightback, either way we are seeing a huge uplift,” added Andy. “We hear a lot of doom and gloom, but our reality is very different. That’s why we’ve started to franchise our own business too, expanding by practicing what we preach and franchising our own business too.”

Franchising business allows companies to expand by setting up ‘clones’ of the original business. According to Cheetham, his highly specialised management team has helped almost 2,000 franchises to launch since they began franchising in 1993.
“In recent months,” added Andy. “We’ve designed and launched franchise systems for a vehicle leasing company, a mobile coffee brand, a sports coaching business, a pest control company and we are currently designing four brand new franchises in business consultancy, training and the care sector. We can franchise multiple different types of business becasue pretty much any organisation can become a franchisor.”