The best UK franchises

Some industries and sectors are just ideal for franchises and ventures tend to thrive. Conversely, there are some industries where franchises enjoy only mediocre success. If you look at the list of franchises UK, you’ll notice that some sectors have more brands than others. It’s important to consider your options and study the industry carefully before you commit to a particular brand. At Franchise Life, we have concluded that the following sectors have the best franchise potentials and success.

The Fast Food or Quick-Service Restaurant Business

The fast food and quick-service restaurant business has dominated the franchise field for a very long time. From the moment McDonalds exploded onto the market, quick-service establishments have been the most popular and most lucrative franchises available in the market. This industry has thrived for decades now and is very adaptable.

In fact, industry observers have noticed that famous and well-established fast food brands like McDonalds, Subway, etc, have started to grow with the industry and have changed their business models a bit. As this industry is so adaptable and popular, purchasing a franchise in it is a good idea.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance franchises also rank high on the list of franchises UK. Such services thrive in both residential and commercial markets and there’s always a demand for them. Their investment is relatively low but the revenue potential is quite high, especially if you offer good quality and reliable services. If you want to purchase a franchise in this industry, make sure you find a well-established brand with a good reputation and high-quality services. This sector has taken a hit recently because of the quality of service and industry practices. We’re recommend several amazing brands in this sector including KingsMaid and Sanondaf who have well developed franchise models.

Fitness Franchises in the UK

This is also a very lucrative industry to have a franchise in, especially if you have experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. Small gyms and studios that offer a more personalised workout experience have become more popular recently. The smaller scale of the ventures has made them a more affordable investment so you can purchase a fitness franchise at a low cost. This minimises the risk of the investment and increases your profit margin.

Care based Franchises in the UK

Making a difference to peoples lives whilst also providing a meaningful service. Brands including Percurra and the Rainbow Care Group are leaders in this field.

Financial Franchises

Look no further than Love Accountancy if you have a background in finance or are even a qualified accountant. This paperless, digital virtual business blueprint is the best financial franchise in the market. 


Parents have become increasingly busy and have to juggle multiple responsibilities. This has led to a rise in demand for high-quality childcare services. They often look for well-established brands with good reputation, which is why childcare franchises rank high in the list of franchises in the UK. This is also a very lucrative field but it has branched out as well. Now, this sector includes tutoring services, camps, supplementary education, STEM-related camps and programs, etc. This sector requires considerable amount of skill and you need to be very careful when it comes to dealing with children, but if you’re willing to take the responsibility, the investment and effort is worth it.

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