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(Franchise marketing guide written by Oli from Developing Brands agency)

Marketing is all about finding the right approach for your specific type of franchise.

Whether you’re in need of a local franchise marketing strategy or an online marketing campaign, you must carefully consider what marketing strategy you should execute for your particular business type. Your franchisor may have provided you with an established reputable brand with a sound model, but you as the franchise owner must be the driving force behind your long term success. Identifying and applying the correct marketing strategy will be crucial for that process.

You see, some franchisors take on a brilliant opportunity, but execute their marketing the suboptimal ways. Costing money and tainting the image of the franchise brand as a whole. But those who get it right see rapid business growth for themselves. While proudly establishing themselves as one of the driving forces behind the entire brand as a whole. This leads to a healthier franchise progression, high revenue potential and more lucrative resale value.

In the guide that follows, we will overview some proven routes to market for your franchise to consider.

Marketing a local business franchise

For a local business franchise, the traditional approach used to be relying on brand recognition, flyers, print ads and word of mouth, but in this day and age those are the local businesses who fall behind the local competition who deploy more scalable advertising systems.

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Facebook Ads

The most scalable way to advertise a local business has proven to be Facebook Ads. You see, with Facebook Ads you can get your brand in front of local prospects for less money per view than a printed flyer and at greater scale, with specific targeting.

If you paid for a leaflet drop, billboard, radio or TV ad, you’re being shown to everybody. But with Facebook Ads, you can focus on targeting the audiences who are your most proven / ideal customers who prove to be responding. This will produce a higher long term customer value as a result.

facebook ads for local franchise marketing

When you get proven ROI from certain demographics targeted, you can scale up that campaign targeting specifically with profitability and confidence while seeing your quarterly revenue go up as a direct result. Not only that, but after seeing proven conversion data at birds-eye view you can focus all other marketing efforts around the knowledge of who your most receptive prospects are proving to be (as the founders of Brewdog say, you can’t position the market around a product but you can position a product around the market). Facebook ads allows you to see exact reports on your most receptive demographics and ramp up your profitable exposure from there at scale. This makes Facebook Ads run laps around flyers / posters and all the rest of it. Making it a crucial consideration for local franchises looking to grow.

Social Media Content

Organic social media content, follower building and local interactions can also help to nurture your local audience and build familiarity and trust. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are ideal for generating / continuing to keep a local buzz around what you are doing. Simply being part of the local dialogue online will put you in the limelight regularly. You can showcase your new products, recent updates, new offers, local discounts and more. This and the above should prove to be the most thorough and direct way for you to ramp up your ultra regional franchise exposure.

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Search Marketing

Depending on your specific type of business, you may also be able to observe proven search engine local demand with tools like Ubersuggest. Where you can look and see exactly what people are searching for when looking for your specific type of local business. You can then generate a report of these search terms with the average monthly search volume and begin to target these searchers with Google Advertising and SEO.

local bakery franchise search on google


Marketing a service based franchise

When marketing a service based business, the most crucial fundamentals to have in place are professional presentation, evidence of credibility and market exposure. This means showing case studies, proof of results, proof of credibility in a well presented structure whether online or offline and getting it all in front of your market quickly and at high volume.

Landing Pages

For scalable marketing, we recommend a simple website with a clean and professional layout which showcases who you are personally via photography or video (people trust faces more than illustrations / sheer graphics) and have influential copy that speaks directly to your specific market. Alongside this, ensure to state what makes you different. What awards or recognition you have. What your reputation is like. Real written / video reviews. Showcase expertise.

This should allow people to instantly know who you are, what you do and why you are the best solution to their problem.

online franchise marketing funnel example

(Landing page example)

A professional online presence will allow you to market your service franchise / brand very effectively. With proper consultancy / agency support you will also be able to look at effective ways to capture leads easily and find real influential ways to stand out from competitors. Whether you showcase a PDF guide / video that people can download / access for free by entering their email. Or apply for a free review / audit / discovery call, it will be a very smooth transition for your market to go from website visit to inbound lead. You may decide to nurture traffic via email marketing. Or reach out directly to those who show interest. As well as, of course, accepting appointment/meeting requests from warm prospects.

Getting online traffic

Now that you have an online presence that can effectively turn online traffic into leads, you must now start to “fill the funnel” with qualified / warm traffic. Once again, you may observe online search marketing reports to assess the most immediately attainable traffic potential and start to launch effective PPC / Facebook ads campaigns. Or organise a comprehensive website content structure and optimise your content for long term search engine listing potential. These modern methods of digital marketing / search marketing will allow you to essentially turn your service based franchise’s online presence into an appointment generating machine on demand.


Executing and managing your franchise marketing system

As with all things, the more you practice, the better quality training or resources you have, the better chance you have of being in the top percentage performance-wise. At Developing Brands, we have the most up to date knowledge and experience of operating marketing campaigns of all types. For local and service based businesses. If you are unsure where to start, why not get in touch for a free strategy call using the information at the bottom of this article. Where we’ll walk you through exactly how to move your franchise forward with proven marketing systems.


Other types of franchise

As with most industries, the businesses in question may vary slightly. If none of the above relates to your specific type of business then you may look for something more bespoke. You also may be actioning things in house and have other bespoke marketing requirements. Or indeed, you may love what you have just read and want more information on how you could receive support on setting up your franchise marketing systems.

Whatever your specific requirements may be, you can contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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Article by: Oliver Cheetham

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Franchise Marketing Consultant – Developing Brands

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