New Franchises UK

New Franchises UK – what’s around the corner in the franchise industry?

Or which new franchises UK or overseas have just been launched? Being in a ground floor opportunity has it’s plus points and it’s drawbacks too. However if you’re with a genuine management team who have your interests at new franchises are a great place to be. Established franchise brands may well have big franchise networks but is their business model bang up to date? If you’re buying into any of the new franchises in the UK there’s a very good chance that the franchise system is “current”. We all know how fast fashion changes and technology alters markets. So if you’re thinking of buying into any new franchises UK or Ireland then check our New Franchises UK section on this site first of all.

Better still take advantage of our free assistance. The franchise industry funds our work so it doesn’t cost you a penny! Nor does it cost you any time, literally fill in this 30 second form. To help you choose the right franchise an experienced Franchise Life consultant will call you back.

New Franchises UK, Ireland, Scotland or Wales

The great thing about Ireland, Scotland and Wales is that franchises generally can work just as well in each country. Over many years we have seen some great irish Scottish and welsh franchise brands in the UK and vice versa. Franchise Life is based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and from here we can fly to Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow or Cardiff in around 40 minutes! So, don’t worry about the geographical location of a franchise brand. What matters is their business model and that it will work in any demographic.

If you are already a business owner and have considered franchising your business then get in touch with Lime Licensing Group. We regard them as the best franchise consultants in the UK.