Franchise Life is a unique resource for potential franchise owners because this site aims to detail every bonafide UK franchise and so potential investors have a great place to see all the franchise systems operating in the sector they are interested in. Of course with every franchise sector there are good and bad players and so we aim to promote the best in every sector by providing our own recommendation, it’s a way that we can help franchise brands differentiate themselves from their competitors. You can list your franchise for free on this site, just follow the link and ensure your information is up to date. It’s free, really it is free!

Be recommended: Once on the site we hope that potential franchisees will contact you and it’ll be a marriage made in heaven. However, to supercharge your system and also be part of our consultants discussions with potential franchisees we propose that you join our recommended list, once you’ve put your free listing on we’ll automatically email you with details of how to obtain that and then you can also use it on your own publicity too. If you want to beat your competitors to it then give Abi or Andy a call on 01274 662001 to discuss further.

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