Established abroad and now growing fast in the UK.

Not everyone can simply pop out to John Lewis and buy the latest flat screen plasma, or for that matter replace a household essential like a washing machine or vacuum cleaner. As UK household debt increases it is a fact that many household budgets are being squeezed, particularly for those on benefits or low paid jobs. So, what to do when you need a new television, some furniture or a tumble dryer?

Local Appliance Rentals provide a lifeline for those who can afford a weekly or fortnightly payment but simply don’t have the capital, or don’t want to purchase and item outright. Potential clients can fill out a simple form online or call a free phone number to apply for all sorts of items from smart phones, to TV’s, Furniture and even Baby products! Franchisees then visit the home, complete a rental agreement and arrange for delivery of the items requested. Each customer signs a continuous payment authority allowing for collection of the payments.

As a franchise partner with Local Appliance Rentals you’l manage an exclusive area, and provide this highly appreciated service to local people giving them a life line when they need it.

Local Appliance Rentals already has 55 franchisees trading all of whom follow a carefully designed marketing programme which delivers cash flow and margin 365 days of the year! The company also provides itself on it’s training and systems support.

This is a business for todays environment and one that will suit a variety of franchise owners – it’s also a Franchise Life recommended franchise! Find out more at by visiting their website Local Appliance Rentals Franchising.

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